The 4 rules to choose the ideal domain name for your business

You want to buy a domain name for your business ? Choosing it well implies a thorough reflection : which extension to choose ? Is it better to put hyphen or not ? Will my customers memorize it easily ?

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1. It must be easy to memorize (and therefore not too long)

A domain name must be easily remembered by your interlocutors and future customers.
Nothing is more frustrating for a salesperson by phone, than having to repeat ten times the domain name to spell correctly his email address. A domain name must not be too long, too difficult to pronounce, or leave room for confusion.


2. Available with and without hyphen

In order to be sure to block your brand name on the internet, we recommend taking your domain name with and without hyphen, if it has accents, take it with and without accent. We recommend reserving your domain name with different TLDs (Top Level Domain) extensions. For example, if you are a US company, buy,,,


3. Integrate the strategic keywords of your activity field

In order to be sure to reference your domain name on the search engines, the ideal is to include one or more keywords related to your activity and the geographical area of ​​your customers. ex: will ensure that a customer looking for a car school in the city of lyon can easily find your online offer on search engines. For a company with a strong brand identity, no need to include keywords by forcing all taken.


4. With a relevant TLD

By skillfully playing with domain name extensions (.org, .tv, .net, .services, .us, .uk, .it .us .uk .pizza .photographe …) you can climb course on engines of research.
All you have to do is go to to check the availability of your future domain name and to lock it definitively.
You can also use the WHOIS to know the availability of a domain name and, if not, the person or the company that owns it.



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