Here are some open source software resources that you may find useful facing COVID-19

Each of these apps are free & quick and easy to set up

You can deploy with a single click on SAY Digital or AWS. 

Please, write us a message and our team can do it for you with no stress 🧘

Due to implementation of quarantine facing the COVID-19 crisis, many schools, colleges, universities, businesses and workers faced an urgent task of providing remote work, video conferences, online learning instruments for their students, teams, clients

📡 Deploy Your Own Video Collaboration App in 5 Minutes or Less on your server with Free open-source video conferencing for web & mobile. Make a call, launch on your own servers in minutes, integrate into your app, or develop something new.

☝️ Deploy Your Own Private Slack with Mattermost. Bring all of your team communication into one place, making it searchable and accessible anywhere.

 👩‍🏫 Deploy your own learning system to maintain online courses teaching and lead great continuously education with Canvas LMS. This system allows to create online courses, conduct classes and test student knowledge.

If you have a task to implement distance learning / video conference / team messaging in your organization – please get in touch with us.

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