Future of Work : How company adopting remote work culture will replace company who doesn’t

Hire on-demand digital talents & managed teams

Enhance your company growth with a full stack remote team to build your next product.

We’re able to start projects within hours, not days nor weeks 🚀

Start hiring a team today 


On-Demand Remote Team Highlight 

> One third the cost of local senior software engineers or designers

> Talents war will be won by Google, Facebook or Amazon. But definitely not you. The most talented experts request remote work as a condition of employment.

> Full Stack Team of Experts : UI designer, Product & Brand Designer, CTO, Full-stack, Frontend, Backend, Mobile, DevOps, AI engineers and more. Experts in React, Node, Python, Angular, iOS, Android, TensorFlow etc.  

> No commitment. Hiring on-demand team, you pay only for the project. 

> Our teams work E.U hours (London, Paris, Berlin) U.S. hours (PST, CST, and EST time zones).

> Elastic workforce. Work with designers and engineers part-time, full time or hourly for any web or mobile project.  

> Match with your remote team instantly rather than spending months filling a role and let SAY Digital Product Owner manage them for you! We’ve got all the processes, methodology and management covered.



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